Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 9, 2009

somebody should steal this idea...

Our Labor Day Weekend was filled will good food, good wine, and good friends. One of these friends is planning a huge family reunion for 2010 so our conversation was peppered with ideas for menus, decor, and entertainment for her event. (I love talking about this stuff and could do so for hours and hours...) One of her best ideas was for the reunion Save-the-Dates. Remember the tootsie roll banks from our childhood? If you could create something similar but suitable to be mailed - either by itself or in a mailer tube - with a catchy little tag line of "Save the Date and Your Pennies & Join us in the Caribbean May 5, 2010! Can't you see it? A cute new trend in Save the Dates. Love it! Thanks for the idea, April! I love you too!

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