Thứ Tư, 22 tháng 9, 2010

I wanted to share an amazing story with all of you....
I stumbled upon this blog,  The Stylish House, in the middle of the night Sunday, while I was waiting for photos to upload into my blogger.
This is a picture of a beautiful young girl, named Heather.
Heather, sadly suffers from a disease called, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. 
Heather is in need of a liver transplant.
She needed to find a live donor, with type O blood type.
Cathy, Heather's mom, posted about her daughter's medical condition, on her blog, The Stylish House, and asked if other blogger's would spread the word about her daughter's medical condition.
After reading Cathy's post,  another blogger's husband,  courageously  stepped forward to be Heather's donor.
Heather's donor was officially approved and Heather is set to have surgery November 15th.   Cathy will be starting a caring bridge site to keep us all updated on Heather's condition.
I hope you get the chance to go over and visit Cathy, over at the Stylish House.

Please keep Heather and her family, along with her courageous donor in your thoughts and prayers.

I just wanted to make sure you all  read a comment that Cathy, Heather's mom,  left on this post....

Thank you for sharing my daughter Heather’s story with your readers. Heather was the picture of health growing up so her illness was unexpected. Twenty five friends and family stepped forward to donate, but none had a compatible blood type so I used my blog to find a donor.
The word grateful doesn’t begin to cover how we feel about this wonderful man Robert and his wife Kayren who are helping us.
Transplants are life saving and if this can happen to our family it can happen to anyone. We never intended to go public with our story, but our wish is that it might get people thinking about organ donation. Thank you for your kindness, support and prayers!
Hugs, Cathy 

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