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An Unfinished table setting....Secret Garden Cottage

I hope you are all enjoying your week!
I first want to thank all of you for the facebook love!
You guys have always made me feel so welcomed no matter where I go....

I wanted to share a few pictures of a table setting I was trying to put together...
Usually it takes a couple of times for me to get it to where it looks right.
I have a tendency to do everything either too simple or too cluttered.
There isn't ever a happy medium with me...
I thought I would show you the first table setting I came up with..
It turned out pretty boring.

That is why when I was asked by KT Merry to be apart of her editorial shoot,
I was rather nervous.

It honestly ended up being one of my funnest experiences, that happened because
of having a blog.....
I learned so much by working with these two talented girls...
Sara taught me a new way to wrap vintage silverware....
I used to work as a waitress in this very small restaurant in Hot Springs, MT
when I was in high school....
I have always been wrapping my silverware like we did at the restaurant.

Last year I had posted a french farmhouse inspired table setting where I used blueberries in my drinks.
I was so disappointed in how that turned out, because the berries would always sink to the bottom of the glass....
I recently learned a trick on how to make these guys float...
I will share that tip next week with my follow up post.
Thanks to KT and Sara

As you can see it looks very unfinished, but the truth is this was what I first came up with.
If you are working on something in your house, whether you are rearranging a room, trying out a new paint color, or
seeing if you like the table setting you came up with...
take some pictures of that area or room and put it on your computer.
You might be surprised how much this process will help you see your home or project with a different view.
I always have to take pictures and then see it on the computer screen and then make changes.
I have been doing this ever since we moved into this house,
long before I started a blog.  
This process has helped me tremendously.
Photographing a room helps me see that maybe I need to edit or add something...

Next week I will show you some changes I made to my table setting, 
and share some of those tips I recently learned.

On another note...
I want to share a link to a blog I think you will LOVE.
I have always loved Jo's home, and especially love her farmhouse kitchen.
I actually haven't ever seen the before pictures of her kitchen though, until the other day.
My sister is doing some remodeling on her home,
and we were both looking through Jo's blog for inspiration.
I think you will be inspired too....
We are hoping my sister's husband will be inspired by her kitchen makeover too : )

Have a wonderful week!
Take Care,

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