Thứ Sáu, 2 tháng 9, 2011

Why ALL of your guests should purchase Travel Insurance!

I'm taking inspiration for this post from one of our destination wedding travel consultants who is currently working feverishly to relocate a Destination Wedding scheduled for an island that was hit by Irene last week. The damage caused the host hotel to temporarily close. The guests who purchased travel insurance will be refunded and can use their refund towards booking the new location. However, those who didn't purchase insurance, are facing the hard fact that the host hotel's cancellation policy will only compensate them by allowing them to return to the same resort within the next 12 months - no exceptions. This is not unique to this hotel, but an industry standard. 

This leaves those guests who did not purchase insurance, forced to pay for an entirely new trip and being stuck with 3-7 nights pre-paid at the host hotel without knowing if their schedule will allow them to use these nights within the 12 month period. 

Anytime there is a hurricane and flights are cancelled, we hear how grateful our clients are to be able to call us with their concerns and changes in travel arrangements, rather than spend hours on hold directly with the airline. Just another reason why it is a good idea to book your Caribbean Wedding with a Travel Agent


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