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Create Your Own Fairytale Wedding with These Fairytale Wedding Favor Ideas

Cinderella has nothing on you when you use these fairytale wedding favor ideas! Use any of these fairytale-inspired designs to create your own magical wonderland.

Some girls just dream of having that perfect fairytale wedding, and when the time finally comes to make it a reality, they are suddenly scrambling to find the ideal favors and decor to bring it all to life. Whatever you envision for your magical event, fairytale wedding favor ideas that match your reception theme can really enhance the look and feel of your event—and we have them for you.

Try any of these fairytale wedding favor ideas and you’ll easily take the princess crown as the fairest one of all!

Frog Prince Candle Favors

Cute and classic, these candle favors stand out and make great keepsakes for your guests. The bright green frog design immediately catches your attention, complete with a silver crown on top. They come packaged in clear boxes so you can get a good glimpse of the favors, and they’re topped off with matching green ribbons and stately crown “Thank You” tags.

Royal Coach Design Place Card Holder Favors

These white carriage place card holders are full of fairytale whimsy. If you’re looking for fairytale wedding favor ideas on a budget, then these wedding favors are just the ticket. For as little as $1.28 a pop, you can’t beat them. Oh, and did we mention how fabulous they look with rose, tulip, or lily floral arrangements? They’ll help you create a scene straight from Cinderella’s ballroom dance with the prince.

Once Upon a Time Fairytale Candle Favors

Aside from their fairytale essence, the nice thing about these candles is that they won’t clash with other themes you have going on throughout your reception. The castle design is subtle enough to blend with another decor theme, and the white, pearly colors make it easy to complement whichever color scheme you have in mind.

Use any of these fairytale wedding favor ideas for a big day that will go down in history as a classic.

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