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Engagement Session at a Private Hanger : Amber + Ivo

Good morning and a very happy Friday to you!  This uber-gorgeous Florida engagement shoot and some beyond brilliant images by Mark Dickinson Photography.  Sounds like a plan, no?  And just wait until you take in all of this lovely… the gorgeous couple, the private hanger with stunt planes, the romantic swing… it’s almost too cute for words!
From the Photographer... Amber and Ivo are a fun spunky couple who love the air and flying. Ivo being an instructor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach was a very soft and gentle and very easy to work with. Their style and flair was self inspired with little suggestion, the two locations we photographed was Stetson University and the Deland Airport with a private hanger with stunt planes, pipercubs, and extra 300 plane!
From the Bride... We actually meet at Ivo's friend Joey's house. Ivo came up to me and asked, "who plays on the computer at a party?" To which I responded "I bet I'll beat you" (which I did, we've always been competitive with each other!). But our first real date was that summer in 2006, we went and saw the movie Superman Returns at the Ocean Walk theaters. I was still in high school and Ivo had just graduated. Then it just so happened that we signed up for the same Physics class at the college (I was dual enrolled). And as they say the rest is history.

Images by Mark Dickinson Photography

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