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How to wear sexy lingerie

Buying and wearing sexy lingerie is fun, and it can bring some creativity to a romantic partnership that has hit a slump. There are several different ways to use lingerie to spice up your marriage when you use your creativity and surprise your partner with a sexy new piece of lingerie.

Make it Fun!
Wearing sexy lingerie should reflect your personal style, but that does not mean that it should be boring. Role playing lingerie and different colors and styles of lingerie can bring some extra attention your way from your significant other, making even the dullest day a day for romance.

You can also build a collection of lingerie in your partner’s favorite styles, even if you don’t particularly favor that particular color or style. After all, sexy lingerie is meant to bring you and your partner together, so occasional compromise is beneficial.

Be Shocking!
Marriages and partnerships can reach a plateau in the romance department after a few years, and many times men and women simply do not know how to put the romance back. You can use sexy lingerie to help you bring some new romance into a wilting one in many different ways, as long as you are willing to be bold.

One of the easiest ways to spice up your romance is to send your partner sexy pictures and texts…while they are at work. If you know your partner has a private email that they check while at work, don’t be afraid to send a sexy picture and message. By the time your partner gets home, they will be ready for romance.

Take Your Partner Lingerie Shopping
To make sure that your partner loves the sexy lingerie you choose, you can invite them to go shopping with you. Shopping for lingerie online is perhaps the easiest way to convince your partner to help you choose some lingerie. You can set aside one night a month, or whatever works for you, to choose fresh lingerie.

Shopping for lingerie online with your partner not only allows you to see which styles and colors they prefer, but can also allow you both to spend some intimate time together, learning about one another’s personal tastes and preferences.

Keep It Interesting
Adding spice to your relationship is easier when you add sexy lingerie, but that doesn’t mean that you simply need to add one or two pieces. By keeping the selection of lingerie in your closet updated, you can surprise your partner with a new look anytime, anywhere.

You can consider buying new lingerie on a regular basis, or keeping one or two pieces out of sight until you are ready for a romantic night with your partner. Your partner will love seeing you in a sexy new piece of lingerie, so don’t be afraid to stock up.

Wear It to Work
Wearing your sexy lingerie in unexpected places is a good idea if the romance in your marriage is in a slump. Have you watched the movie where the wife shows up in a trench coat and fishnet stockings? This is a great idea if you want to surprise your partner with a sexy greeting.

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