Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 4, 2012

Instant Butt Booster

1- Wear the right pants.

To accentuate your ass, wear pants with narrower legs.They don't have to be skintight all the way down. Cotton cigarette oants are work-appropriate but sexy.

2- Go Indigo

Dark-rinse jeans make the butt look smaller and tighter.With white jeans, chose thick denim, Thicker weaves shape you.

3- Rise to the occasion

low rise jeans are cute on smalled butts, a waistband at the navel flatters a larger butt, making it look round,not wide.

4- Pick your pockets

Oversize ones make the rear look bigger, and smaller pockets do the opposite.Placements matters,too. Pockets that sit a tad lower than usual give the impression that a but sits higher.

5- See a tailor

There's a 90 percent change that your pants would benefit.

6- Sharpen your pencil skirt.

A baggy fit makes your butt looks bigger, a too-tight one will flatten it. your skirt should cup your tush. To accentuate or create a curve, ask a tailor to nip in the center back seam just below the rear.

7- Avoid shimmer

Shiny fabric draw attention to the area and show imperfections.Stay away from satin,taffeta and silk.

8- Be well-healed

Go higher to ger rounder.Wearing high heels put as arch in your back that lifts the but and gives it a perkier shape.

9- Beware of leggings

In sunlight, thin fabrics can show dimples, even on a trim rear end.Do yourself  a favor: give yourself the once-over in bright lighting before walking outside.

10- Camouflage cellulite

You can't overlook the value of Spanx.Even the thinnest actresses wear them on the red carpet to avoid jiggle,they smooth everything.

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