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Tanning Techniques 2012

Summer is here girls and we all want to look fabulous in Bikini, but we all have to fight the rise in skin cancer and turn sun worhippers into self-tanners.

Home-bronzing process can be tricky, but with these 5 items it will guarantee streak-and splotchproof success.


You've probably heard that exfoliating before self-tanning is essential. (DHA, the ingredient that darkens skin, clings to dry cells, making flaky patches look uneven.) But did you know salt scrubs are preferred by-in-the-know pros? They are grittier that sugar or jojoba versions and create the ideal canvas. Plus,many are oil-free as a greasy residue creates a barrier between your skin and the DHA.
Scrub up the morning you plan on tanning,and pay attention to your driest parts: cuticles,elbows,knees and feet.

Bliss Hot salt Scrub, $36


Buffing alligator skin is important,but you also have to moisturize it so drier spots dont suck up more DHA than others. While lotion will do the trick, experts reach for petroleum jelly instead " its thicker and stays where you apply it". Put a small dap on your elbows and kneecaps,and rub it well.

Vaseline Rich Conditioning Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter,$3


Pros used to use latex gloves to protect against prange palms.But the rubberlikr texture, combined with the separated fingers,resulted in a striped effect. That's why spongy,fingerless mitts were created.Apply your tanner onto the palm of the mitt and then running it over skin in long, even strokes.Start with your feet,and work up to the base of your neck ; this way, you dont mess up your stomach by bending over after you've tanned it. And skip your back---that's what the next step is for.

Beautisol Applicator Mitt, $8


Choose the same tone that you used in the previous step, so your skin color matches. Next, put a towel on the floor in front of your bathroom mirror. Roll your shoulders forward so your back is smooth, then hold the can above your back and spray from side to side and in circular motions. Stay like that for about 30 seconds as the mist lands on your skin,And repeat to hit any missed spots.

Clinique Body Airbrush Spray,$21


Sweet- prone spots( like your lower back, your butt, and under your boobs) and friction( from your bra stripes, tight pants, etc..) can all disturb the tan-development process. Let your body dry for some minutes then dust these trouble zones with body powder. It creates a barrier against your clothes and absorbs sweat. Bonus: The fragrance masks the tan smell.

Estee Lauder beautiful body powder,$50

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