Thứ Tư, 16 tháng 5, 2012

Best Hair Brushes

Trade your old hairbrush for one of these turbocharged tools.

1- Strand Saving

The barrel of salon TechHeat-activated color-changing Brush($28, changes from purple to red when it's hot enough to set hair.

2- Built-In Shine

Ions released by battery-powered Braun Satin Hair Brush($65 for stores) mimic the silkening action of products without their residue.

3- Double-Duty Styling

Conair you style 2-in-1 Brush($10,drugstores) morphs from a paddle brush for straightening to a round brush for creating volume,curls and waves.

4- Speed Drying

The Goody Quick Style Paddle Brush( $12, Target stores) has antimicrobial microfiber bristles that absorb water in your hair as you style,cutting drying time be up to 50 percent.

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