Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 5, 2012


Photographer Levi Tijerina had the opportunity to shoot Evelina and Arvydas' wedding in picturesque Klaipeda, a Baltic seaport town in Lithuania. Levi divides his time between the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Denver, Colorado and Eastern Europe.  He considers all three places 'home'.  A few words in his own words  about this wedding: "After the wedding, in typical Eastern European fashion, each guest lined up to meet the bride and groom to give them a blessing and to present them with a gift. After this, we packed it up and we headed for a nearby village where there was an old church built into the cliffs of the city. I hadn’t seen that before in Lithuania so it was a really neat location.
We concluded at the Curonian Lagoon at Ventes Ragas–another hidden gem which had an absolutely beautiful view of the Curonian spit and an amazing lighthouse. It’s on my list of places to revisit in Lithuania."


Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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