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{Fabulous Fuchsia!}: A Palette of Fuchsia, Pink + White

{Fuchsia, Shades of Pink + White}

As Summer approaches, I'm definitely finding myself falling more in more in love with all shades of pink. Because what's not to like about these ultra-girly colors? They are truly the perfect blend of fabulous and fun... wouldn't you agree? This year I'm really liking this new ombre color trend that we're seeing featured in this floral aisle presentation. It's such a fun color trend if you ask me. What's ombre you ask? Well, it's a pretty simple concept, really. It's simply a visual display that shows the progression of one color in various shades. {continued...}

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Details We Love
Ombre Floral + Floral Hair Piece
And as you can see here, it's definitely a really fun way to play with color! I love this palette primarily because it has maintains a certain sophistication while incorporating the perfect balance between softness and boldness. Looking for a fun way to add a little color to your bridesmaid's attire? Why not have them tuck a coordinating flower behind their ear? It's fun details like these that really make for a beautiful day!

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