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johntphotography/hair by Kathi Rothkop of Salon Glam
Think of it--florals in your hair.  They pair up so nicely with simple gown silhouettes adding a tropical feel, A-lines and ball gowns with a touch of the romantic.  There are three kinds of florals: Fresh, artificial and hand-rolled fabric flowers.  All are beautiful choices.  Fresh can be ordered through your florist possibly echoing some of those in your bouquet.  Artificial flowers are typically silk, some so well made they look like they were just picked out of the garden.  Hand-rolled flowers are made out of fabric like dupioni, organza or shantung, sometimes in the same fabric as your gown.  These have a real haute couture look and are usually attached to a barrette or spongy wire-wrap.  You’ll need the help of a hairdresser incorporating fresh flowers into your hair.  Artificial ones sometimes come with an attached comb.  If not, you’ll need help anchoring these in.  Some hairstylists will even weave poufs of netting through the flowers, creating a real high-fashion look. Below are some of my fave pics from shoots with top hair designers . . . .

Above: A loose chignon and happening trend by hairstylist Julie Morgan accented with a pale yellow silk rose
Looking for a bit of Boho?  Wreaths can be so romantic and conjure images of wood nymphs and angels.  You can use silk or fresh florals.  For the latter, florists can put these together.  My personal faves are made of English Ivy, dried roses and Baby's Breath . . . .

Above: Silk florals attached to a bun by hairstylist Dana Faulkner add some haute chic with a touch of romanticism . . . .Below: A white silk rose with a swathe of netting is attached to a chignon by hairstylist Crystal Saville

The five photos below detail some of the innovative work of of hair artist and designer Kathi Rothkop of Salon Glam in Novato, California.  For her, heads and hair are the perfect canvas for creating . . . .

All gowns and headpieces by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride

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