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Frames As Props Wedding Ideas

Our Wedding Wednesday just wouldn’t be complete without a pretty, little, real wedding added to the mix. And this beauty by Carrie Wildes Photography in the gorgeous beaches of Florida is just the perfect one!  It is romantic, casual and totally cute in every single way.  I love the fun frames, the lovely ceremony decor and obviously, the color palette - you know  I'm a sucker of purple hues. But, beyond all it's darling details, this sandy celebration is like the 101 on using frames as props for wedding portraits. Enjoy!

From the photographer...It rained all day and Candice had to decide at 5:00pm to have the wedding inside instead of out on the beach.  Literally at 4:58pm the rain stopped and it turned out to be the most beautiful evening for their wedding.  The sunlight was muted slightly behind the clouds and was absolutely my dream lighting.  Mike is from South Africa and they had family and friends come all the way from there and many other places to celebrate with them. His grandparents couldn't make the trek so they live streamed their reception so they could enjoy in thousands of miles away. Candice and Mike I hope you are enjoying Tahiti it was such a pleasure to work with you and your families, congrats!

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