Thứ Hai, 14 tháng 5, 2012

The Perfect Pedicure

1- Shape Up

Clip nails so they're slightly less than a quarter-inch long.Then take a file and round the sides just a bit.

Best product: Petite Crystal nail file, $10

2- Get pampered

You don't need whirlpool jets to feel pampered.Simply soak feet in a relaxing bath made of one part milk and two parts water.The lactic acid in the dairy product exfoliates and softens cuticles.If your tired soles are really screaming,add a scoop of Epsom salt to reduce swelling.

Epsom salt foot soak,$4

3- get moisturized

Dry feet and rub a drop of moisturizing oil on each nail. then gently nudge back skin a long the perimeter using a metal cuticle pusher.

CND solar oil $12

4- Exfoliate

Use a natural lava oumice stone to exfoliate heels and balls of feet.To tackle serious calluses,try smoothing them with a motorized file.

Natural lava-rock pumice stone,$7

5- Butter up those soles

Use thick cream with hydrating shea butter,if you have very cracked heels,use an ointment containing acids to break down dead cells.

The Body Shop: Pink grapefruit Body Butter, $18

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