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To become the most beautiful bride

fiery orange
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If the red showed orange cocoon style is selected, the "gentle" than. In particular, Asian brides, this is the color of "catch light" on screen, helping brides young and fresh. With lipstick cam, you can combine style with brown eye makeup if you choose the classic style. But according to fashion trends, the tone darker orange eye makeup, blush and lip cam cam will make ultra-glamorous beauty.

Bright eye makeup
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Makeup simple choice, many girls are now also suggests interesting wedding day. Bright eye makeup makes you young and particularly attracted by the natural beauty, clear. However, note that the eyes does not mean that "nudity" completely. You still need tones of beige, ivory to eye makeup besides eyeliner, mascara. Permanent eye makeup tones are consistent with brightly colored lipstick, however, the trend of wedding season this year, the orange-red tones would be the most interesting option.

Cheeks "peach"
You can choose eye color, lips gently, naturally, but please create accents with bright pink blush tones. This way you cute as a doll with peach cheeks. But you also need to coordinate with consultants and fair hair. Because of this makeup tends to face bigger, so if you do not hide the hair edges of your face will look quite chubby.

Eyes yellow powder

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Apply makeup trends dinner style eye makeup with sparkling gold powder is particularly suited to the bride likes sexy style. It would be impossible not impressed with a bright orange lips and sparkling eyes of your gold. This makeup is to choose if you plan to marry in the afternoon and evening.

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Whatever you choose style eye makeup does a pair of woolen contact also helps you make a new and equally sexy. If you've ever used to disguise this eye color is really not too difficult, but if ever it is best to try several times to get used to the feeling before applying it in the wedding party.
Eye liner
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The trend this year is often not focused on the use of eye makeup using pencil. Type cat eyeliner will definitely choice of many brides in 2012. With the bride "gentle" than the eyeliner on the eyelid edges also cheat and create dramatic eyes. Normally when you go to the party, you can eyeliner with many different colors, but the wedding, choose a safe full with black pen.

Makeup cold concrete
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Style is the freezing point at which the bride beauty choices for fear that the "blurred" but when the warm weather to colors will help create a new style. However, this type of make up would look better if you choose it for the wedding day and combined with a colorful dress.

Natural Makeup
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As a day down the street, you would be a cute bride with rosy cheeks, bright smile. It's all natural makeup tones with lighter colors such as brown be felt for eyes, lips and cheeks pink felt. Style would look better if you choose to tuck your hair up to show off flowers natural beauty

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