Thứ Ba, 14 tháng 7, 2009

Real Wedding - Vail, Colorado

Photographer Jason Grubb was kind enough to send these images of Matt & Rachel's Colorado wedding, which I am sure you'll agree is so beautiful. I love the unique vantage point of so many of the shots - the first kiss might be a new favorite. And the last picture cracks me up! Jason also sent along a description of the day, which is both sweet and gives us even more of a glimpse into the couple. From Jason:

"You would think that with an afternoon outdoor Vail wedding during the rainest season Colorado has experienced in a long time there would inevitably be rain to mess things up, right? Wrong. The clouds parted 15 minutes before the ceremony started and stayed parted until the guests were tucked away warm and cozy inside for the reception. I don’t know how Matt and Rachel lucked out, but they were definitely favored that day!

Matt and Rachel were a great couple to work with. They were so wonderfully in sync with each other that we couldn’t take an awkward picture if we tried! They just melted together every time they touched. It didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous and they both had the most incredible eyes to photography. They are both from Arizona and flew in their families for the event, so it was nice and intimate. We met them that morning while Rachel was bustling around and Matt was lounging on the hotel room sofa. At that point we knew we were going to get along! Everything was stunning and their pictures turned out great! When we were leaving the bride thanked for making her day so special…you can’t ask for anything better than that (Gina almost started crying).

Two very important shout outs! The event was planned and designed by Julie of Classic Creations and the flowers were done by Alicia of Bella Fiori! These two ladies are consistently amazing every time I see their work."

Thanks, Jason! If you're interested in submitting your wedding to be featured on the blog, just send me an email

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