Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 10, 2010

A wedding gift for the bride...

On this little blog, I've featured a few gifts for bridesmaids but somehow I completely neglected to share any great ideas for gifts to your future spouse on your special day! The tradition of giving your future bride or groom a special token of your love crosses all cultures. It just feels good. 

I bought my husband-to-be a pair of engraved Tiffany cuff links and had our ring bearer deliver them to him while he was dressing for our wedding. The process of picking out the perfect gift, something that would last the ages, was very special to me. 

So... I'll be starting a new topic on this blog with what you'll hopefully agree are many great ideas....

Starting with these...

Very unique save-the-date calendar necklaces from a sweet little company called Dalla Nonna. {Meaning "from the grandmother" in Italian}


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