Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 10, 2010

Real Wedding: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jacques and Paige met in Germany, and fell in love nearly instantly. Paige loves the color green (my kind of girl), so when he knew it was time to propose Jacques bought her a peridot engagement ring. He purchased it in Munich, Germany, the country where they met.

Jacques is headed into seminary soon, so the couple planned their wedding on rather short notice. They opted for a simple appetizer and desert reception, which turned out to be a hit with their guests. Since there was not a lot of time to plan their wedding, the couple chose a venue that was beautiful on it's own, so they didn't need to add in a lot of decor themselves. Paige says, "Thanks to a magnificent location, we didn't have to do much decorating, and what we did do, we did ourselves. The bulk of the decorations came from a thrift store, a dollar store, Ikea, Michael's, and ebay and I had a fabulous group of friends do the decorating for me on the day of." Paige bought her wedding dress at a consignment store. She says, "When I bought the dress, they told me that it was a designer dress that had been used as a demo at a wedding shoppe, so it had never been worn in a wedding before. The tag, however, had been cut off, so I don't know the brand. Either way, it was (and is!) my dream dress...I just wish I had another occasion to wear it soon."

Photography: Ampersand Photography
Florist: Showers of Flowers
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Gale Mansion
Cake Designer: Buttercream Bakery
Make-Up Artist: Rosanna Hulson
Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

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