Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 4, 2012

How to Wear Colored Jeans

Colored Jeans are a hit this spring and summer,enjoy your summer with a pair of colored jeans,mix and match,its FUN!!

Green CasualPair your brights with a loose sweater and Chuck Taylors for a hip but casual look.

Blue + Polka DotsPolka dots can look young but put them with bright blue and strappy heels plus some killer confidence and it looks runway worthy.
Red + ChambrayRed seems to be one of the colors of jeans I'm seeing the most. It works well with a chambray shirt.

Pink + Jean ShirtI feel like it's kind of hard to pull off the jean shirt with blue jeans look. Waring it with pink seems somehow easier.

YellowThis girl knows how to mix her color. A nice pop of pink and turquoise compliment the yellow pants with overwhelming her.

Red + Stripes + LeatherBlack and white stripes paired with red can look a little Cat in the Hat but add a buttery leather jacket and you have a winner.

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